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How to Care for Your Artiflora Bouquet

How you care for your bouquet depends on how your bouquet is presented: vase, Blumebox, fancy wrapped, etc. To preserve freshness and beauty and to extend the life of your bouquet, refer to the care tag or read our pop-up how-to instructions here:

How to Care for Your Artiflora Bouquet

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How to Care for your Artiflora Bouquet

A bouquet in a glass vase: When your Artiflora bouquet arrives at your door, it most likely will be sitting in a glass vase. The water in that vase has been conditioned to give your flowers a good head start on long vase life. Vase life varies with flower variety, but typically, an Artiflora bouquet will last 7 - 10 days. As individual blooms fade, remove them immediately allowing the bouquet to go on.

Change the water after three days and every three days following for best results. Simply grasp the bouquet at the vase top and lift it gently, taking care not to disturb the design. Flush the vase and add clean water.

Avoid displaying your bouquet in a sunny window and keep away from other heat sources. If you are able to fresh cut your stems when you change the water, that will help remove any bacteria that has built up at stem ends.

If your bouquet is in a Blumebox, you probably need to do nothing. This dark container itself prevents the growth of bacteria. Should you decide to add water, please pull away the plastic bag lining the box before adding water. Water on the box will ruin it. When the bouquet is finished, just recycle the box and its contents.

If you receive a table arrangement, it most likely is in floral foam. To extend the life of the flowers, dribble water onto the design after a few days, taking care not to overfill the container. Floral foam is not recyclable so dispose of it in your refuse when the piece if finished.

With these basic instructions, your Artiflora design should give you many days of pleasure. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to call the Studio.