Artiflora Granville

Based in Granville, OH
(740) 587-3515


Artiflora provides distinctive and artistic bouquets and standing arrangements for holidays. Hand-selected fresh flowers from Artiflora's four wholesale outlets are conditioned and placed in arrangements using flower handling best practices so your bouquet will last well through the holiday.

Flower holidays

Flower holidays are those times when you want to say "happy birthday," "congrats" or simply "I love you." Artiflora will personalize your arrangement or bouquet to that moment in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is February 14. I love you, mom. Mother's Day is May 12. Happy Easter, Happy Spring! Easter is March 31. Rhythm for your holiday table Pink for her on Valentine's Day Stunning Anthuriums dress up any holiday. There's nothing like a Blue Hubbard for the Thanksgiving table. Relax with the warm colors of autumn and candlelight. You can count on Artiflora for unusual buds and blooms. Light up your Christmas table with interesting design. Green and white is always festive. Designed and made by Artiflora: a copper cornacopia. A Blumebox for kids to decorate. Great for Mother's Day!

Roses are tradition on Valentine's Day.


This Valentine's Day the Studio features the Freedom Red Rose, bi-color Cherry Brandy, and Sweet Finesse Pink among others. All blended with other premium flowers for bouquets and table pieces that will charm her on Valentine's Day.

Each design is original and suited to the occasion. The order page has details on prices and you can always call the studio for other choices.